What does FAQ mean?
It usually means Frequently Asked Questions.  But it could also mean:
Funny Arctic Quixotes
Feminist Abalone Quizzers
Flamingo Answered Quickly (that one is for you, LJ)
Floppers Abundantly Quilting.

What should I pack?

Bring sunscreen, a bathing suit, summer clothes, a jacket and pants (it does get chilly at night), props for the talent show, pictures, and...BYOB (except for beer/wine - we will provide that).

Where should I stay?
Barbara Anderson's house is located in the eastern section of San Diego (approx. 20 minutes from downtown) - about a mile away from where the 2010 reunion was located.  Please check out the "Lodging Information" page on the website.  If you are unable to find a hotel/RV Park/couch to land on, please contact Karen McCarthy at .

What if I have to tinkle while at the reunion?
Due to the very small septic system of Barbara Anderson's house, we will provide porta-pottys at the reunion site and ask that you use them exclusively - DO NOT USE BARBARA'S BATHROOMS IN THE HOUSE.  Nobody wants a stinky septic tank problem during a reunion. 

Will there be other excursions/tours/activities to do while in San Diego that weekend?
We are currently working on scheduling a couple of half day trips to the beach and/or downtown/waterfront tours.  We will post more information soon.